b&w mads


My original account "alienjive" was suspended against my control with no explanation, and despite several support requests sent to Livejournal I never received any assistance. I have created a new profile instead, as I long dearly to rejoin my friends in the Oh No They Didn't community, supporting one another through our collective misanthropy and obsession with pop culture. I'm not sure what further I have to do to improve my chances of being re-admitted as a member, but if the ONTD mods are reading this post, know that I was a member of the community since 2013 and reading since 2009. I did my best to be a supportive and positive friend to all users. I love ONTD so much and care about that community, and while I have no idea why my LJ was suspended (most likely reported by trolls), I sincerely believe I deserve to be a part of the community again. Thank you to all those who've expressed their confusion and concern over my absence. Alienjive, now Alienjiive, loves you <3